Our Story

Fire and Ice Bottles was created by Holly who is a fitness instructor, mum of two small children who lives near Manchester. She is active in the Crossfit community,  former ski seasonaire, has dabbled in running, climbing and juggling all the busy world has to offer with having fun and trying to stay fit.

"I was giving my clients a bottle of water for each training session. It's clearly important to hydrate before during and after a workout."

"My car would have several empty water bottles in it on a daily basis"

"...I was getting to the stage where the whole of my recylce bin would be full of plastic water bottles"

Not quite as many as these...

Piles and piles of water bottles

but you get the idea: lots of bottles lots of wasteful one shot, one time use products.

Convinced there has to be a better way. Holly responsibly sourced her bottles so that they could be reused, eventually recycled and looked great.

Saving the world one sip at a time

It was a realisation that small actions can make a differance. If each household uses on average 450 botttles per year. We can help reduce that.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.