Tap into taps

  Is Bottled water healthier for you?

If we concentrate on the UK where we are fortunate to have a plentiful supply of rainwater; even if it is not always evenly distributed. Each water company that is responsible for the delivery of water publishes data on the analysis of their water.

Such as Scottish Water, which stresses that tap water is perfectly safe to drink and publish water quality factsheets which include information from the 300 000 annual tests they make on their water.

Plainly, It's safe to drink.


Tap into taps.


Given we have a safe resource "on tap" why are we filling plastic bottles?

"Water is a common resource and should not be commodified"

 Australia Professor Hawkins said at the World Science Festival, March 2017 in Brisbane Australia.


This clearly applies all around the world. If one looks at the UK where over 3bn litres of water in bottles are used each year. (source Nottingham University) While the majority of these are in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles most are not recycled only around 35%.

Clearly, there is just no evidence that bottled water is any better for you than tap water. Given, for example, that the University of Nottingham states:

"Some research has claimed that drinking ‘a bottle’ of water has the same impact on the environment as driving ‘a car’ for one kilometre" 

There is clearly an environmental reason to ditch the plastic bottle. 

 Fill your reusable bottle today....straight from the tap.

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