How many plastic bottles are thrown away?

     Plastic bottle recycling

How many plastic water bottles are sold per year?

The numbers around plastic bottles are staggering.

One million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute.

That's 20,000 bottles per second.

What is worse, this incredible number is set to rise.

In 2016 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in the world which is up from 380 billion less than 10 years ago and is forecast to rise to 583 billion bottles by 2021. 


How many plastic water bottles go un recycled?

How many are being recycled? 

Not a lot.

 According to Container Recycling,

in the US over 60 million bottles are thrown away each day. Ending up in landfill, waterways, strewn as rubbish. That is just water bottles.

Add another 10 million bottles per if you include other drinks (ready-to-drink tea, fruit juices and sports drink)


In the UK less than half make it be recycled according to Recycle Now


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